The Travel Industry Association has revealed how to travel the country for a stay without being forced to pay for a hotel stay.

The group is working on a new guidebook to help travellers find hotels near the UK.

Read moreTravel industry Association chief executive and executive director John Gascón told the BBC that there are a few different options for people who are travelling overseas.

He said that many people in the UK are using hotels for a short period of time before they find a hotel, or have been in a hotel for several days.

The group, which represents the hotel industry, is also encouraging people to book hotels within the next week so that they can book in the next few days.

The organisation is also working with other travel agents to make their hotels easier to book and more easily available to customers.

Gascón said that there was a “very big gap” between the number of hotels available in the US and those in the rest of the world.

He added that while there were many hotels in the United States, the hotels in many countries around the world are less expensive.

Gavon said that the group was working with hotels to make it easier for travellers to book in and around the UK, which has a large number of international airports.

“We’re really excited about this opportunity to expand our guidebook in the coming months, and we’re really looking forward to seeing how the guidebook will be received by our customers,” he said.