France is the country that has been most outspoken on climate change and the Paris Agreement.

The Paris Agreement was a landmark agreement that brought together countries to fight climate change.

But it’s not the only country that’s spoken out on the issue.

We asked a French travel agency what it thinks about the Paris agreement, and found that it has its own way of dealing with the climate crisis.

Travel agency Align Paris tells us that it is “disappointed” that the Paris deal has been dismantled.

“The agreement was a step forward towards addressing the issue of climate change, but unfortunately, it is no longer viable,” the Paris-based agency said.

Align, which operates in Paris, says it has already lost a quarter of its business.

France’s climate change crisis “We are in a situation of real crisis.

The world is in crisis,” the agency said, adding that it’s “not in a position to continue working on the Paris climate agreement.”

Align says it’s been losing half of its annual revenue for a few years now.

“In order to continue to exist and continue to provide quality services, we have to invest more time and resources into our business,” the company told us.

We contacted Align’s French counterpart, Travel Agency du Monde, and got in touch with the Paris office, which told us it is aware of the problem and is working to fix it.

Alignment Paris declined to provide an interview, but in a statement emailed to Quartz it said the company “does not comment on internal matters.”

Paris climate negotiations The Paris climate talks took place in 2015.

The next round of talks took part in December of that year.

It’s not clear whether the deal was ever ratified by all countries.

That means it was never actually enforced.

But the Paris agreements were not the first and would not be the last.

The US and China, the world’s two largest emitters, also signed the Paris accord in December 2020.

But these countries have yet to sign it, which is the main sticking point.