Travellers in the Republic of Ireland have been stranded at the airport of Dublin after authorities closed the airport’s entire system.

Key points:Irish authorities say the shutdown will not affect air travel in Ireland, but travelers will be stuck at the Dublin Airport for up to four daysThe government says it will provide information about how long travellers will be able to stay at the site forThe airport is the only international airport in Ireland that has closed due to the pandemicThe shut down of the Dublin airport was triggered by a coronavirus pandemic.

The airport’s closure will not impact air travel for the duration of the pandemics two-week lockdown, according to officials.

It is also unclear when passengers will be allowed to return to Ireland.

A spokeswoman for the Irish Airports Authority (IAA) said the shutdown of the airport system is expected to take “up to four-to-six weeks” and that there would be “significant disruption” to passengers and the economy in Ireland.

She said travellers who were able to travel would be offered the option of travelling to the United States and the United Kingdom.

“We’ll be making a decision on that, we’ll make sure that all of our travellers have the information that they need,” she said.

“If that means that you can travel on the mainland to New York, we’re prepared to make that offer.”

In a statement on its website, the Irish Government said travellers would be able return to their hotel, but would be given a time period to return home.

“The Government is providing the Government of Ireland with the information necessary to assess the impact of the shutdown on the Government’s plans and business operations,” the statement said.

It said it would provide information to the Government about the impact on the economy.

“Once the Government has made its decision, it will inform all of the affected departments and agencies.”

The Irish Department of Finance said it had been contacted by travellers who had been turned away from the airport.

“As a result of the decision to close the Dublin Airports Terminal, some travellers were unable to return from their flights to Dublin, and we are assisting them to return safely,” a spokesman said.

He said that some travellers had been stranded for up and two days in Dublin.

The IAA also said that it had offered assistance to travellers who needed accommodation.

“All travellers in Dublin Airport who need accommodation must first contact the appropriate accommodation provider and arrange for a bed in the hotel,” it said. 

The Irish Government is now seeking public support to help with the closure. 

A public consultation is due to take place from October 8 to 11, which is open to all people.

The Government says that it will work closely with the public and airlines to provide support. 

“We will provide details of how we will handle the impact,” the spokeswoman said.