The “travel agency” (TA) of a Bihar travel agency has been awarded a “travel agent” seal and a name by Google.

The travel agency was awarded the “travel agents” seal by the State Travel Agency of Bihar, an official announcement said.

The official said the seal, “signifying the official recognition of the TAs position, and name, signifies that the agency has recognised the agency’s position and its role in the travel industry, and has taken the necessary steps to safeguard the interests of the industry and its employees.”

The official announcement was made on Monday at the launch of the agency in Harisburg, a town in the state capital, Bihar.

The TAs seal and name were revealed on the website of the State Tourism Board (STB), the official news agency said.

The STB, which has offices in Bihar and Delhi, is headed by a retired Bihar Chief Minister Lalu Prasad Yadav.

The STB had earlier awarded the name of an “Indian” company to an “India” agency.

The STP also announced the names of six other “Indian agencies” in Bihar for their achievements.