A photo of a white man being detained by security forces in Delhi airport has gone viral on social media.

The photo was taken by a social media user at around 11pm on Tuesday when a group of tourists were passing through the airport’s Terminal 3.

It has been shared on several social media platforms, with many sharing their own versions of what happened.

Many of the comments shared the photo of the man being led out of the airport by security officials.

The person in the picture is dressed in a grey suit, a white shirt, and dark blue jeans.

A woman who posted the picture on Facebook said: “I was in the airport at the time and this is what I saw.

He is sitting in a wheelchair, with his back to the airport.

He had his hands behind his back and was staring straight ahead.”

In a second tweet, she said: “The security men took him from the airport and he was taken to the main entrance.

He was taken away by security officers, as soon as he was seen.

I can’t believe it.”

A woman also shared the same photo on Facebook, saying: “He is standing there with his hands in the air, looking straight ahead.

He has white skin, is not Asian, and he looks white.

I think he is a tourist.””

The white man had a knife and was threatening to cut someone’s throat.

He got away,” she said.

The incident comes just a few days after the US State Department slammed the Delhi government for arresting more than 20 people from Indian nationals on terrorism charges in a crackdown on what it termed “violent extremism”.

Last week, Indian authorities arrested another 20 people for allegedly “violent activity” and terror offences after a string of terror attacks in the country.