Port Arthur shooter Adam Lanza left behind his own collection of portraits, one of them of his family.

The portrait is of his father, James, a man who worked as a foreman on a coal mine in rural Victoria.

“He was a great bloke and a great dad,” his mother said.

“And I know he loved me dearly.”

“I knew that he was going to be gone for a while.”

A man named Adam Lanzas family leaves behind their own portraits.

Source: ABC News.

It is a portrait of his mother, Mary, who is in her 60s and works as a nurse.

“We didn’t know each other very well.

He wasn’t that outgoing.

But we were very close,” she said.

Lanza was found dead inside the school’s schoolroom.

The school was a target in the horrific shooting.

“I never got to meet him, but he was my father, my friend,” Ms Lanzans sister, Evelyn, told ABC News at the time.

The Port Arthur shooting victims’ families had been in contact with the family of Adam Lanzan.

Ms Lanzaman said she was surprised when the family members approached her with the picture.

“It was a surprise, to say the least,” she told ABC Radio Melbourne.

The family said they were still in shock.

“There’s nothing to say that they don’t care about Adam and they’re not going to stop,” Ms Ganzaman told ABC TV.

“They’re just going to keep working on it, but I think it’s important for us to have closure.”

Adam Lanzam’s sister Evelyn was in the school at the siege.

Source:”ABC News”A memorial service is scheduled for tomorrow at 11am at the Port Adelaide School.

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