The Gardaí and the National Garda Síochána have announced plans to crack down on travellers who use a “phoenix travel” agency or travel agency fresnos to organise private travel.

The move comes as thousands of travellers are facing the prospect of being turned away by the Garda, and the Irish Times understands that the Gardai have already begun an investigation into Phoenix.

A Garda spokesman said: “It is a very difficult time for the Gardá in the country.

The Gardai are trying to reduce the number of crimes in the area and to ensure the safety of all people in our community.”

We will be making the gardaí aware of this and working with Phoenix to make sure that people are aware of their responsibilities when travelling to our country.

“Gardaí are also looking into whether the Phoenix company is using its services to help customers illegally enter the country by car.”

They are going to be working with the Gardas and the Department of Transport to determine the scope of what they’re doing and whether there is a risk that the people they are trying it to help are illegally entering the country,” he said.

A spokesman for Phoenix said it does not offer private travel, but it has a list of vetted operators in the US and the UK.”

The Garda have also been made aware of some of the activities undertaken by the Phoenix companies.””

We work with law enforcement agencies to ensure that people’s safety is our first priority and our company has been the subject of several investigations.”

The Garda have also been made aware of some of the activities undertaken by the Phoenix companies.

“There are other organisations that we would encourage to work with Garda and other authorities to ensure they have the right to conduct the investigation.”

“It is our understanding that there is no specific threat to the safety and security of our customers.”

A spokeswoman for the Irish Garda said: ‘The Gardai will be monitoring the Phoenix travel industry.

We have not had a complaint regarding Phoenix since this investigation began.”‘

Fresno Phoenix’ was founded in 2008 in the Arizona desert by a group of former Phoenix passengers.

The firm says it has worked with the US Customs Service to help travellers find flights, but in its latest annual report it said it did not have any flights booked to Europe this year.