Travel agencies are getting more creative with how they advertise their wares on the internet, with some offering to help people with disabilities navigate the new arrivals.

One agency, Artemisa Travel Agency, has offered to help disabled travelers navigate the airport.

“They’ve been working with the Department of Transportation and other agencies to help with getting people through the airport and we’re very grateful,” the agency’s CEO, Arturas Vassiliou, told The Verge.

“Theres a lot of people who need help, we know we are the ones that are going to be getting the help.”

Vassilou also said that his company is offering to assist travelers with disabilities in their booking process, including checking in with the airport at the airport terminal to make sure they’re seated at the correct table.

Artemias new Cinco de Mayo-themed hotel, which opened in mid-January, is located in CancĂșn, Mexico.

The hotel features a bar, an indoor pool, and a private restaurant.

A sign outside of the hotel advertises that it will be open to the public until February 14.

Vassilicou told The Guardian that the new hotel is aimed at people with visual impairment who may be unfamiliar with Cancuzas airport and may have limited access to the Internet.

He said that Cancua has a “very high rate of visitors who are visually impaired” and said that this may be one reason why the hotel is the best option for people with a visual impairment.

In addition to helping people with vision impairments navigate the city, the Cincos hotel will also help to ease the pain of the airport’s many delays, as it will allow more people to visit the city and the surrounding area.

It is not known how much the hotel will cost, but Vassileu said that it would cost between $300,000 and $400,000, depending on how many guests the hotel can accommodate.

The Cinca de Mayo hotel opened on February 15.

It features a spa, a gym, a cinema, and other amenities.