Travelers in the United States and Canada can get around the world on just one ticket.

But as of last year, they’ll now be able to do it all on the same ticket, according to the United Airlines website.

This is because the airline, along with a handful of airlines around the globe, is now using the same payment method that all other airlines use.

As of January 2019, United will no longer accept cash for tickets.

Instead, passengers can use a Visa, Mastercard or American Express credit card to pay for their ticket.

The new policy will help United Airlines’ long-suffering and expensive-to-operate fleet avoid long waits, according a blog post by Michael Kupfer, president of United’s consumer business.

“By using a single payment method, we can eliminate the friction of getting in and out of the gate and saving customers a trip,” he wrote.

“Our customers are able to save money and make better travel decisions, and this has allowed us to expand our network to more destinations and provide more choices to our loyal customers.”

The airline’s new policies, announced this week, are part of a broader effort to shift away from cash and towards digital payment options.

While there are plenty of other airlines in the world that accept cash, most are in Europe or Asia, where they are more expensive to operate and operate slower than in the US.

That means that United is looking to compete with the likes of Ryanair and Delta Air Lines in the region, and the new rules mean that it can do so.

While United’s new fare policy is still a big step forward, many travellers will likely not have the time or money to take advantage of it.

The company has already had to cut back on its frequent flyer program, and many travellers don’t have the ability to use the airline’s smartphone app to make booking changes. 

But if United is successful in changing its fare policy, it may mean that more travellers will use the company’s online travel portal.