Dearborn is set to get a new IKEB, a brand new grocery store that will open in the heart of the city.

The company announced the new location Wednesday in a statement to CNN affiliate WDIV. 

IKEB’s location will be in the northwest corner of Dearborn’s historic old First and Michigan avenues. 

The company is partnering with local and national retailers and has also partnered with local community groups to provide a variety of free food, clothing and household items. 

“It’s exciting to be partnering with a local and regional company like IKEAB for the first time in our business,” said Andrew Olivieri, chief executive officer of the Dearborn-based company. 

Olavieri said the new store is expected to open this spring. 

While the company does not yet have a formal opening date, it will be open at a time when residents are out of town, making it an ideal location for residents who want to shop but don’t have a car to take them to the store. 

Dearborn residents are encouraged to come out to the new IRE store, located at 1st and Michigan, to make sure they have a spot to visit, Olavieri added. 

 The new Dearborn location will bring the company’s annual revenue to $5.8 million, and Olavieris said it is anticipated to add 2,500 employees and hire another 100 people as it grows its workforce. 

A recent report by the Michigan Economic Development Corp. predicted that the city of Dearburn will see a $3.8 billion increase in sales and income in the next decade. 

There are several retail stores in the city that are in the planning stages and could open this summer, according to Olaviani. 

More than 500,000 people live in Dearborn and the city is expected by 2021 to have more than 5,000 stores, Olvieri said. 

As a result of the growth of the IKEBC, the company has decided to open new stores in other cities. 

For instance, it plans to open a second IKEBE, which will be located in the southwest corner of the current First and Jackson streets. 

In a statement, the company said it will continue to expand its local footprint and continue to build upon its brand. 

We’re excited to expand our existing business to a new location in Dearburn,” Olaviri said.