Travel agency Portland is not a safe place to travel, according to a new study.

The Portland-based travel agency was one of more than 70 surveyed by The Travel Industry for a study published Tuesday.

The study found that while Portland is a great place to visit, it is a terrible place to spend your money.

Travel agents and travel companies often charge too much, charge too little and charge for items they can’t deliver, according a report by the National Association of Travel Agents.

The report also said that the industry needs to step up and offer more options.

Travelers who use the agency or travel company to book travel should make sure the company offers a higher quality of service, said Robert F. Hickey, chairman and CEO of the National Travel Agents Association.

Travel companies need to take steps to help travelers who don’t have enough time to book the trip, he said.

Firms such as American Express and Southwest Airlines also charge for things like airport pickup and overnight stays.

American Express and the Delta Air Lines did not respond to requests for comment on the study.

Hickey said the companies need more help from the travel industry to help them better cater to travelers.

The travel industry needs more transparency and to educate the public about what the services cost, he added.