New Zealand airlines are launching a new travel agent network in Asia.

Key points:Airline will use the company’s global network to compete against domestic travel agentsThe new service, called AirKiloweb, will start in Australia and the US on January 2The company will use a combination of its existing network of domestic and international travel agents to provide travelers with an efficient travel experienceNew Zealand Airlines (NZL) is partnering with a global travel agency that will help it expand its international business to a range of destinations around the world.

The airline is planning to launch the service in the next two to three weeks.

“The AirKILOWEB service will give travellers the flexibility and choice to travel on a variety of airlines and explore their destinations, which is a major challenge in today’s busy travel markets,” said AirKilkie, a subsidiary of Air New Zealand (ANA), in a statement.

“By partnering with the award-winning airline and international network, we are creating a more convenient, reliable and secure way for passengers to get to their destinations.”

AirKilkieweb will be available in Australia, the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and the Philippines.

It will offer international flights for the first time, allowing passengers to fly on airlines that do not offer direct flights from New Zealand to the other destinations.NZL also launched the Kiwi Travel Agency earlier this year to compete directly with domestic travel agencies in Asia, including the US.

In a statement to The National, AirKiliwa said it is looking to expand its existing international network of travel agents and “will be investing in new services in the future”.

It said the new service will be “designed to be a seamless, seamless and cost-effective way for New Zealanders to get where they need to go”.

“This new service is designed to help the Kiwis and visitors to the Pacific Rim take advantage of their many travel options by bringing together the best of both worlds,” it said.

“Our team is working to ensure this service remains as simple as possible for our customers and we look forward to seeing the new AirKildee service launching soon.”

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