Peruvian Airlines has suspended all flights out of Doha, the capital of Qatar, saying it is in the process of establishing a “zero-risk zone” to prevent terrorism from taking place.

In a statement on its website on Friday, Peru Airlines said it had notified the authorities in Qatar and the UAE that it had suspended all of its flights to the Gulf state.

Peru Airlines said the decision was taken after a review of its operational operations and safety standards.

PerĂº’s Foreign Minister, Luis Alvarado, said he is “deeply concerned” by reports that Peru has resumed flights to Doha.

“Peru’s flights to and from Qatar have always been conducted under the highest possible safety standards,” he said.

“These safety standards have been put in place in order to prevent any kind of terrorist attacks on our airlines.”

The government of Peru is not at all interested in any kind that will harm the sovereignty of our country, and that is why we will continue our flights in Qatar.

“Peru is a member of the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia.