A travel agency that has been criticized for its customer service and customer service performance, Nasdaq has pulled its stock. 

In a statement, the company said that it “recently began to assess its ability to meet the changing business environment and operational demands of the travel industry.

The decision to pull its stock from the NASDAQ was driven by our focus on ensuring the company’s long-term success, and its continued ability to serve customers, investors and partners.

We expect the stock will continue to trade at a discount to its peers as we continue to meet our long-range goal of creating a global marketplace for travel.” 

According to the company, the move came after the company completed a “massive, multi-year overhaul” in order to “develop and execute an operational model that aligns best with our business model and our strategy for delivering high-quality service.” 

“We recognize the challenges ahead, but we remain committed to delivering a top-notch service and the highest-quality products to our customers, partners and customers’ friends and family,” the company added. 

While it does not make a “buy” recommendation, investors should be cautious with the stock because it is still down from the peak levels reached in February.

The Nasdaq is a proxy for the Nasdaq stock market and its performance is influenced by several factors.

The index is tracked by the Dow Jones Industrial Average, which is based on the number of shares listed in the top 500 companies in the United States.

On Friday, the Nasco group was down about 2.6%, to 7,081,924, and the Nasport group was up about 1.7%, to 5,965,945.