Francis has been to the Dominican Republic, Morocco, Belgium, Spain and the U.K., and he’s scheduled to arrive in Poland on Thursday for a weekend of family visits.

He’s been to a number of Latin American countries and the Caribbean and will visit Cuba on Friday.

His schedule includes a trip to Ecuador, Panama, Peru and Chile.

The pope will travel to Spain for a Vatican-sponsored gathering on Friday that will include the pope and several bishops and bishops of his archdiocese, who will meet privately with a Catholic bishop in the capital of Madrid.

He’ll then travel to the Netherlands and Belgium, where he’ll attend the funeral of a Spanish cardinal who died of cancer.

In Brazil, Francis is expected to hold a mass in Sao Paulo on Thursday, the first in the first half of 2018.

He also plans to visit the country on Friday for a mass on the island of Mindoro, in the north of the country.

The trip will be Francis’s first as pope.

He has not yet made public his schedule.

The pope has said he will be spending more time in the Vatican in the coming years.

He has also been in the middle of a trip through Japan, the Philippines, Vietnam and South Korea.

The pontiff is scheduled to visit Thailand, Malaysia, the United States and Australia, among other countries, on Saturday.

He’ll hold a Mass in the Holy See in Rome on April 23, when the Roman Curia will celebrate the death of Pope Pius XII.