Sydney travel agencies are the biggest employer in the region, with more than 1,000 employees in Sydney and Hobart alone.

But they are also facing competition from the likes of the National Travel Council and the Melbourne Travel Association.

The new regional travel agency Jobs, which is part of the Australian Bureau of Statistics, has also started to recruit and train staff.

But while it’s the industry leaders it aims to recruit to the jobs, the new regional agency is hoping to attract more and better talent. 

“We have to get people who have the best possible job, the best job for the job that they’re looking to do, and we’re really excited to start this recruitment process,” Julia Johnson, managing director of Jobs, said.

“We’ve got a lot of talent in the industry.

We want to recruit that talent and that expertise.”

The regional agency will look to recruit people with a passion for travel and travel agencies, travel planning and travel recruitment.

Ms Johnson said that the job could bring a lot more people into the industry than what they’ve seen in previous years.

“There’s a lot to learn.

You’ve got to be prepared to work hard and do a lot in terms of being able to manage people.”

You need to be able to build up relationships with people, and have a great understanding of the people that you’re working with,” she said.

Ms Johnson says the regional agency aims to attract the best talent in this industry and has already recruited several former travel agency employees.”

It’s not just the people who’ve been in the travel agency industry.

They’re all looking to be part of a global travel agency.

“It doesn’t just involve travelling to Australia, but it’s also going to involve travelling abroad,” she explained.

“The people that we’re looking at are looking to take on more international assignments.”

So we’re certainly looking at recruiting for a lot different things, but we’re very excited to bring a bunch of the best people that work in this sector together and start building up a global network,” Ms Johnson said.

The regional job adverts look to promote the agency’s “global network” to attract new talent.

The company has started to look at how to expand its international recruiting efforts, as well as recruit people from the regional area to fill roles in the company’s international travel agency division.”

If you look at the regional job ads, they’re really aspirational and they’re a great representation of what the local travel agency can do.

“What we’re trying to do is go to the regional areas and look at what they can offer, and try and find some of those really talented people,” Ms Hill said.

There are plenty of travel agencies looking to hire, she said, and “it’s a great opportunity for people to come and learn a bit more about what it’s all about”.

“We can offer them jobs in the regional office, and in our regional office we can offer travel agencies,” Ms Wilson said. 

The company said it is looking to recruit a “number of regional and regional-specific positions”. 

Ms Wilson says the job ad is a good start.

She says the local office is still recruiting, and the regional recruitment team is looking for people from around the regional region.

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