American Airlines said Monday it has launched an online travel booking tool that will help travelers make bookings online.

The airline said travelers can now view flights and other dates online, as well as submit booking requests.

The tool, called American Booking, lets travelers check out airline schedules, fares, and other travel information.

It also lets users enter the dates they want to book and can display the travel time, destination, price, and availability.

American said it has been working with several airlines and other companies to develop the service.

American Booking will be available in about 200 cities worldwide and in the United States from October through April, according to the airline.

The new tool comes at a time when American is trying to improve its online booking and travel experience.

In January, the airline began testing a pilot program with the website TripAdvisor, which will allow customers to book their flights, hotel stays, and food and beverage packages online, according a statement.

The pilot program will be rolled out nationwide in the coming weeks, the company said.

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