Shenzhen, China ( — Diamond Travel Agency (DTA) announced today that it has launched operations in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong, and the United Arab Emirates (UAEs) as it seeks to expand its operations beyond its original home market of China.DTA’s Singapore-based operations have grown from two employees to nearly 10 employees, with the company aiming to hire approximately 3,000 employees.

The expansion of operations in Hong Kong and the UAE is expected to begin in 2018, with its Singapore operations to expand into the latter by the end of 2019.DETAILS OF THE REQUIRED INITIATIVE:As of January 1, 2018, the company will be in Singapore and Malaysia, according to the press release.

In Singapore, DTA is now the sole provider of diamond travel services and is expected expand its business to include tourism services, luxury goods, travel agents, and more.

The company’s Hong Kong operations will also be expanded to include a brand new office, as well as additional facilities to further improve the company’s customer experience.DIA also announced it will begin to conduct “cross-border sales” to Hong Kong-based Chinese buyers through its Diamond Travel Partner Program.

These sales will be conducted through the Singaporean and Chinese exchange, the press report said.

In addition, DETAILS of the required initiative on the proposed Goods and Services Tax (GST) reform package in the coming weeks have been released, as of today.

In the lead-up to the implementation of the GST, DAA and the Hong Kong Tourism Authority (HKTA) are in advanced discussions with the government of Hong Kong on the implementation and implementation plan, the DTA press release said.DATA’s Singapore operations will continue to be based in Singapore as its existing business model is not feasible to expand further in Hong Kowloon, the Singapore-listed company said.

While DTA’s Hong Kullong operation will continue its existing Singapore-focused operations, DBA will be expanding its operations in Malaysia and Hong Kong.

As of today, DUA has approximately 5,000 active clients in HongKong, and is currently the only major diamond travel service provider in Hongkong, according the DUA press release, adding that the company plans to expand operations to Malaysia and the rest of Southeast Asia by the year’s end.

The new company will continue as a “partnership” with DBA, DTB and the HKTA, the release said, adding the new company aims to provide a seamless shopping experience for customers in all major shopping malls in Hong-Kong and the surrounding areas.

The announcement comes on the heels of the announcement of DTA to enter into an agreement with the HongKongs largest online shopping platform, TigerMart, to provide its Diamond Shop online retail business to TigerMart’s customers.