Travel agency annals is changing its focus on big-ticket travel destinations in order to attract new business.

The travel agency is planning to expand to London, New York and Sydney.

Annapolis, which includes Annapolis International Airport and its adjacent property, announced Thursday that it will be buying out travel agency Business Group Travel for $1.5 million, bringing its total investment to $7 million.

Annas travel agency said it would work with its partners in the tourism industry to find ways to improve its services, including increasing the number of agents and adding more travel agents in other cities.

“We are excited to bring our experience to the London area, where we will offer a more efficient and cost-effective travel experience,” Annas Chief Executive Officer Jim O’Reilly said in a statement.

“Our travel agents have long been known as one of the most trusted travel agencies in the world and we believe this will create an even better experience for our customers and our employees.”

Travelers will be able to book and pay for tickets with a mobile app, which is expected to be available for iOS and Android in the coming weeks.

Annames travel agency will have to be a member of Travelocity, which operates the most popular travel website in the U.S.

Annams members are the U-M student body, the University of Maryland, and Annapolis Mayor William McKeown.

Annascale will have 10,000 members and its membership base is expected expand from 5,000 in 2016 to 10,800 in 2020.

Annawas has more than 400 members, and its member base is estimated to increase from about 8,000 to 15,000, O’Neill said.

“The Annascale team will have a new leadership team that will bring with them an unparalleled ability to create and manage new revenue streams, including a dedicated business office, expanded social media presence and expanded business travel programs,” O’Connor said.

The Annas travel agent will be responsible for providing business-related services to customers in London, including business travel to other cities, in addition to booking, purchasing and managing the agency’s own travel agents.

Annamas travel agents also will be tasked with working with the local authorities to ensure the agency is in compliance with local laws and ordinances.

Annans current travel agency, Annas International Travel Agency, was launched in 2004 and has expanded its services since then.

Annals is currently in the process of forming a new travel agency that will be independent of the Annascales.

The company will be based in Annapolis, according to its website.