The Chinese government has banned a number of American and Canadian travellers from entering the country and a number have already returned to the US following the travel ban.

As a result, it appears some US citizens are having to resort to travel to another country before returning to the United States.

The following are some of the more popular destinations in China that have been impacted by the travel restrictions:The travel ban was announced on October 25, and since then more than 90% of Americans have been unable to travel abroad.

As many as 100,000 American and other travellers have already left the US, with many of them returning home on Sunday.

China’s state-run Global Times said in an article published Sunday that the US “should not be allowed to take advantage of this time” to travel outside of the country.

“As the country has a strong economic and cultural ties with China, we should be careful to follow relevant laws and rules,” it wrote.

The article was published just two days after a Chinese court revoked the US President Donald Trump’s travel ban on citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries, which were temporarily halted by the Supreme Court last week.