If you’ve ever gone on a flight and thought, “I wonder how much I’m going to pay for a room at a hotel?” or, “Is it worth it to pay $200 for a one-night stay at a motel?”

Well, now you know.

As of the end of the year, all four major travel agencies in the United States will have to start tracking how much they’re charging to book hotel rooms online.

Travel Agencies, which includes the three largest travel agencies on the planet, Marriott, United and American, are expected to begin tracking the rates by the end and start reporting them in a new “agency” section of their website, travelagencymilwaukee.com, in early January.

The agencies are also expected to be the first major travel companies to report how much it costs them to book rooms.

The agency websites will include information on the type of room and the type and price of food, and hotels will also be listed in their own sections.

As a result, travelers who book at the agency will also get the full cost of their stay, including fees for taxes and tip, as well as tips for room service and incidental charges, which can be as little as 10 percent of the room rate.

But, of course, these tips are not disclosed in the agency websites, so if you book a hotel room with a tip, it may not count towards your room rate, which is usually the standard amount for rooms.

It is a change that will help some travelers, who already have a lot of information about hotel rooms, more easily book a room with tips or tips alone, because the hotels are required to track the tip amounts in the hotel booking process.

It’s not the first time that the travel agencies have added online tracking to their websites.

The United States Post Office and American Express also have the option of tracking hotel room rates online.

The U.S. Travel Association, which represents more than 500 travel agencies and is one of the largest travel industry organizations, is urging travel agencies to track their online rates.

“It’s a welcome addition to the marketplace, and we hope it will be a boon to travelers and travelers alike,” said Kristine B. Wahl, CEO of the United Travel Association.

“While the current system does not include hotel room tips, it’s important that everyone who wants to book a place with us and make the most of the benefits of using our site have the tools they need to do so.

We’re working to improve our online booking system and are committed to making it even better.”

Wahl said she hopes that the change will be rolled out across all the major travel agency websites in the near future.

“We want to make sure that all travelers can get a feel for what’s happening in the marketplace,” she said.

“This is a good first step, but we’re committed to further strengthening our online system so that we can continue to deliver the benefits we’re delivering to travelers.”

According to the Travel Association’s website, the organization works to ensure that travelers have access to all the information they need about hotel and flight rates, including lodging, hotel reviews, tips and booking details.

It also encourages travelers to book at hotels and airports with the same policies, which are required for hotels and flight booking.

Travel agents also can track the price of rooms for travel packages and for individuals who are staying at hotels with a reservation.

Bismarck, N.D. travel agency The Bismark, N,D.

Travel Agency offers flights, hotel rooms and other travel services, including a reservation service.

The Bistro, N and Wyoming, Wyo.

travel agencies offer the same services to travelers.

WYO’s website says it has not had any issues tracking the rate of a reservation to date.

“Bistro offers reservations for most major travel packages, including the Southwest, United, United Express, Delta and American,” the website states.

“With over 1,200 flights, Bistros reservations for all major international travel packages are made on the same day as the flight.

Bistronks reservations are usually made by calling the reservation number listed at the end or on the reservation confirmation page.”

The Bisticorp, Nd. travel company also offers reservations to major international destinations, including United, Delta, American and Alaska Airlines.

The website also has information about the rate available for hotel rooms.

Wyo., Wyo Travel Services says that it does not track rates.

The Wyoming Travel Services website says, “If you book with us, we will send you a bill that will show the price and the hotel room type.”

Bistrot, WY and Idaho, Idaho travel agencies say they do not track their rates.

Idaho’s website states, “We do not offer reservations to individuals.

We only charge for the rooms that are booked.

All reservations are final.”

Idaho’s travel agency says it