Travel agencies and other business groups that rely on international travel are being hit hard by the expansion of Reno, a company that provides the business travel packages for international business travelers.

Reno says it is hiring thousands of new employees in response to the company’s expansion.

But its expansion, announced in November, has left some of the world’s busiest travel hubs and airports feeling the effects.

Reya Travel is looking to expand its international business offering.

Reza and its parent company, Travel Express, said it has more than 400 global partners and that it has about 7,000 full-time employees in 37 countries.

Reia says it has 1,000 employees in the U.S., and its headquarters are in Boston.

The travel agency’s expansion comes at a time when travelers are anxious to get to destinations they’ve never been before.

But the expansion is expected to have a big impact on the U., which is the world market for Reia and its competitors.

Reyals business, which has a presence in 40 countries, is expected add about 100,000 jobs this year and will add to the global workforce, Reya said.

Reye’s expansion will allow it to hire more people in some locations.

That expansion will be in the United States, where the company says it will add more than 100,00 full- and part-time positions.

But many travelers will be stuck waiting in line.

Some of the biggest companies have already said they will keep some of their international business, but many travelers are worried.

And some of those travelers have said they want to try traveling on their own, or are planning to do so soon.

“People have been waiting for months and months for their business to be expanded and I think that’s very sad, because this is the fastest-growing segment of the global economy, ” said Robert B. Staley, a professor of international economics at Cornell University.

“The international traveler is an increasingly important segment of that global economy.

And the expansion in Reya’s expansion means they are getting pushed to the side, ” he said.

The global travel industry is a $4.2 trillion market, according to the travel industry consulting firm Thomson Reuters Traveler.

The trend toward globalization has brought more and more jobs to the U, said Christopher J. Daley, an economist at the Council of Economic Advisers.

In the last decade, the U has added 1.7 million jobs and the economy is growing at about 2.5 percent a year, according for the latest data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

“It’s clear that the global economic downturn has hit the U hard,” Daley said.

“And it’s a real challenge for U. S. employers to get people to the office.

But if you’re an international business and you have to take on extra employees to meet the demand of the international traveler, it’s tough.”

The trend of global companies getting into the business of international travel is also hurting the U’s domestic economy.

Tourism has been growing in recent years, but the economy has not kept up.

The U.N. has warned of a “transformation” in the global travel sector that is threatening U., American and global jobs.

And many Americans say they are reluctant to travel abroad.

The Travel Business Council, an industry group that represents the world travel industry, estimates that Americans spend more than $30 billion a year on travel, and that number could be more.

Many people still feel uncomfortable about taking the long route to places like Dubai, the top destination for business travelers, said Bill Hochman, the group’s CEO.

But with Reya, the travel company says they will bring more of their customers to their destinations, and some people are taking advantage of that.

The American Chamber of Commerce says Reya has a “special place in our hearts” because of the service it provides.

“Our international business partners are thrilled about the opportunity to expand their business operations to Reya,” the chamber said in a statement.

“We believe that Reya will benefit our customers and will benefit all of us in the travel and travel-related industries.

We look forward to expanding our business relationship with Reye.”

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