A bird was spotted in a Sydney hotel room for a full month.

The hotel in question, The Wyndham, was renting out rooms in November, and guests were invited to “sit in a guest room and relax”.

It wasn’t until the next day, when the bird was again spotted by guests, that staff noticed that it had been removed from the room.

“When we tried to call the owner we were told the bird had flown into the building and was now in the bird bath,” one guest, a 24-year-old student, told The Daily Telegraph.

He added: “There were lots of other guests that had been in the hotel, and it’s the second one since then.”

It was a surprise for us to see a bird in the bath and when we were asked if we were aware that it was there, we were all surprised.

“We had to get up and leave.

It’s a nice hotel, but you have to take care of your guests.”

A spokeswoman for Wyndamstedts hotel declined to comment on the incident, but did say that bird behaviour is “a common occurrence at hotels across the country”.

“We have been very careful and cautious in managing our bird bath, with staff ensuring guests are aware of the bird’s presence and ensure they are provided with a secure place to stay.”