The world’s largest hotel chain, the world’s biggest travel agency and the world, the biggest travel company and the biggest online travel company all shut down on Thursday after a government crackdown on their business practices.

The travel agency Ambani Group said it would shut down its operations in India by May 25 after being told that the government was seeking to revoke the company’s licences.

Ambani had been granted licences by the government to operate in more than 30 countries in the world. 

The government announced on Friday that it had asked Ambani to suspend operations in all states and territories for a period of five years from May 25, and it will allow it to resume operations in three months.

The government said the companies were engaging in anti-competitive practices, and that the company would be given time to respond to the notices.

The move to revoke licences was triggered by a complaint from a local consumer advocacy group. 

India has a strong consumer protection agency that has been cracking down on unscrupulous online retailers who charge customers fees, impose fees on travellers and then charge back to the consumer. 

Last month, the government asked for more than 2,000 complaints against online retailers to be investigated. 

“We will continue to pursue our legal and enforcement action against these unscrupulous retailers.

We will also work with the industry to help consumers in their daily activities,” said Ambani Chairman Piyush Goyal in a statement on Friday.”

We are committed to continuing to work with industry and will continue with our focus on providing the best customer experience and quality products,” Goyal added.

The group said it had received over 2,500 complaints against Ambani and it has taken action against more than 200 companies in the last five months. 

 The consumer group Consumers Union India said it was also “deeply shocked” by the decision to revoke licenses.

“The move by the Delhi government to revoke Ambani’s licence was an unprecedented step that is likely to affect the lives of thousands of small and medium enterprises across the country. 

It is a grave and irresponsible move that is sure to result in significant harm to the small andmedium enterprises,” said Amit Agarwal, the president of the group.”

This is yet another example of how the new government has turned a blind eye to the abuses of its business partners in the past few months, and this time it appears to be much worse,” he added. 

Earlier this month, a US appeals court had ruled that a group of companies that run hotels and restaurants were guilty of unfair competition and violating anti-trust laws.