Travel agency Boscov’s travel agency has been accepting applications for flights to and from Russia for the next six months.

The company says it will offer one free roundtrip flight from Moscow to Vladivostok in 2018.

Bosciv says the free flights are a “direct route from Russia to Vladikavkaz in the Far East”.

The company said in a statement: “Boscov will provide the following services to the selected passengers and crew, based on the selection criteria.

The selected passengers, crew and agents will be charged for each roundtrip ticket booked.

BSCO will then use the booking fee to pay the travel expenses incurred by the passengers, including transport and accommodation.”

Bosciv is one of many companies offering free flights from Russia.

More: Bscov’s website says that it “offers our customers the opportunity to travel to Vladicand, Vladivos and Vladivskys regions for the first time” and “to see the beautiful landscapes, cultures and people of Russia.”

If you can’t afford to travel, there are also other travel agencies offering free travel to the country, such as Travel International, which offers flights from Moscow, Moscow-Yakutsk, Tashkent, and Moscow-Baku to the Far Eastern country.

“We are delighted to offer our guests the opportunity of traveling to Russia on our website for a limited time,” said Travel International.

BScov is a small company with a staff of only two.

Its website also notes that the company has offices in Vladivs city of Vladivovsk, but the company says that its operations are entirely separate from its headquarters in Moscow.

For the time being, Boscotas flights are only available to UK residents.

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ET to include a link to a Boscows website, which says that the flights are “a direct route from Moscow” to Vladislavsk.