Albuquerque, New Mexico – The trip from Albuquerque to the coast has become the new normal, as more Americans have become accustomed to flying.

And now, a travel agency is hoping to help you save money by giving you more than just an airline ticket.

The Albuquerque Airport Authority has announced a new loyalty program, which allows you to book flights and get a discount on flights if you’re a frequent flyer.

The agency said the new program will cost about $200 a year.

The program is called Alaska Airlines Travel, which will cost $20 a year for Alaska passengers, or $20 for Alaska Express passengers, who will pay $10 extra per person on flights.

Airlines already offer Alaska Rewards and Alaska Preferred membership cards, which offer a free trip and other perks.

The new program is a bit of a departure from Alaska Airlines’ current offering, which is based on the loyalty program.

Alaska Airlines currently offers the Alaska Airlines Alaska Airlines Preferred program, and Alaska Airlines does offer a discount card.

Alaska’s Alaska Preferred program also offers free flights to and from Alaska, but the new Alaska Airlines loyalty program is the first time that the program will be offered at the expense of regular Alaska flights.

The airline said the program is designed to provide customers with “a more personalized experience and the opportunity to save money on our flights and other benefits.”

Alaska Airlines has also said it is working with airlines around the country to offer the Alaska loyalty program for as long as the airline is in business.