The Travel Agent Service (TAS) has identified over 100,000 customers who were not aware they had been charged for travel, as the company has been targeted by fraudsters targeting travel agents.

The service, which provides agents with travel details and tips on the safest and easiest ways to make travel easy, has received nearly 50,000 calls over the past month from customers.

According to TAS president and CEO Rajan K. Sahu, over 100 customers have contacted him to report fraud involving the company.

He said that many customers were surprised to learn that TAS charges for travel were not being reflected in their invoices.

“It was a surprise to us that our customer base was not aware of the fraud.

We want to make it clear that we have been informed about the fraud and the scam,” he said.

He added that customers had been contacted through Facebook and Twitter and the agency has also been receiving feedback from other agencies.

“This is a growing concern and we will be taking action against the crooks.

This is a real issue that we need to tackle,” he added.

“We will be doing more work and taking more action against those responsible.”TAS has been receiving calls from customers who have been tricked into paying for travel through an online travel agent portal.

“Some people have been charged and are paying us, but we do not know who these people are,” he told The Hindu.

“The people we spoke to have told us that they have been told that the invoiced amount was not in the invoice and that they are not being charged.”

Tas also told The Indian Express that it had received complaints from customers on its social media channels.

The agency has already started a hotline and launched a website in order to address the concerns.