New Zealand’s first boutique travel website, named after a family who emigrated to Australia, is set to open in Wellington.

The boutique, called Bali Travel, is the first of its kind in New Zealander history and aims to provide a unique experience for families looking to travel to Indonesia.

Bali Travel will be located in a large office building on Wellington’s south side, and is expected to open to the public in early 2018.

The site will be staffed by two full-time employees, including a manager and a salesperson.

The website will offer an alternative to most of the other boutique travel websites that focus on cheap, off-the-beaten-path deals and are more geared towards families.

While most boutique travel sites are geared towards those looking to get away for an evening or a weekend, Bali will offer a different type of experience that has been around for years.

Ballymote Travel has been offering cheap deals on accommodation, meals and travel packages in the city, while BaliTravel aims to offer a similar experience to what families and backpackers are looking for.

“Bali is a vibrant, cosmopolitan city, and Bali’s rich heritage makes it uniquely suited to offering a boutique-style experience,” the company’s CEO, Alex Ballymotes, said.

The company will focus on a number of categories including luxury, luxury accommodation, villas and travel.

“We want to bring that same quality and service that we provide to families as well as the adventurous types,” he said.

“This is something that we’ve been looking for.”

Mr Ballyms, who is a graduate of the University of Sydney, said he and his team were confident they would be able to cater for all types of families.

“Our team has a strong business background and a strong passion for creating unique experiences,” he added.

The Bali travel website will focus mainly on budget accommodation.BALI TICKETS TO OPEN: Click here to book a one-day stay in Bali for the price of $100, with a minimum stay of two nights.

The first group of 30 travellers to visit Indonesia will be taken on a one way journey from Darwin to Bali and back, where they will be escorted by a professional guide.

They will be guided by a tour guide from the Bali tourism office, and then will spend an evening in Balsi on their way back to Darwin.

Balsi Travel will also provide information about Bali, such as its beaches, the city’s unique character and attractions, and what the locals have to say about it.

The team has been working on Bali Tickets, which is set for release in early 2017.

It is the product of a collaboration between Bali Tourism and travel agency Pura Bali.

It is a free ticketing service for families, with the ticket costing between $100 and $160, depending on the duration of their stay.

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