A tourist guide has described the experience of flying into the Black Sea on a Russian plane as “the thrill of death”.

The pilot of the plane, who was not named, was forced to take a dive after a fire broke out on board on March 10, according to the pilot’s diary.

The Russian plane, which was flying from Moscow to Istanbul, was diverted to an airport near the Black Seas resort of Sakhalin after the pilot made a series of mistakes in landing.

It was flying at an altitude of 1,500 metres (5,000 feet) when the fire broke and the captain decided to land on a rocky part of the island, the pilot wrote in a diary.

The pilot was rescued by a Russian rescue team and taken to hospital, where he underwent a medical examination, according the diary.

But he did not survive.

“I loved the thrill of the air ride, especially after the plane had landed,” the diary said.

A second, similar diary entry from the same pilot, published by the Russian state-run TASS news agency on Tuesday, said he did suffer burns to his hands and feet when he tried to jump off the plane.

In both cases, the pilots made a number of mistakes that led to the aircraft being diverted.

Russian authorities have yet to comment on the two pilots’ accounts.

The incident has reignited a debate in Russia about the country’s safety record, with some airlines and airlines’ passengers blaming the Russian government for the fire and others blaming the pilot.

On Tuesday, Russia’s Federal Transport Ministry said it would conduct an investigation into the crash.