Travellers in Cuba can book their own holiday packages to and from the country, but a guide to getting there can be a tough sell.

The best way to travel in 2018 is to use the country’s international airports.

Here are the best international airports to book to and around Cuba.


Havana airport in Havana, Cuba, which is operated by Cuba Airlines and offers international flights to and through the Caribbean.

The city of Havana, which sits on the island of Hispaniola, has been in control of Cuba’s air traffic for the last 50 years.

Its main airport is the International Airport (IAB), which is in the same terminal as the airport where Cuban Air is based.

There is also a new international terminal, which has been designed to accommodate larger international air carriers, such as Emirates, United, and Ryanair.

The International Airport also has a smaller domestic terminal that has a capacity for 100,000 passengers per day.

For the most part, international flights are operated from Havana to and fro between three different international airports: Havana International Airport, Havana International Terminal, and Havana Airport.

It also has several international hotels and a number of restaurants.

This is a popular destination for tourists and business travellers from Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

There are some limitations on the number of people that can visit from one of these airports, which you can check on the airport website.

A number of hotels and restaurants offer meals at the airport, but this is not a very common option for Cubans, and there is no guarantee that a meal is available at all of the restaurants.

For a list of all of Cuba Airlines flights that operate between the airports, see Cuba’s Airports and Services page.


La Paz airport in La Paza, in the south of Cuba, about an hour from Havana International airport.

The airport is operated primarily by Cubans.

The runway is only about 1,500 feet long and is about 200 feet wide.

It is home to the La Pazer air traffic control tower, which provides control of air traffic over Cuba’s international airspace.

The main airport in Cuba is La Pazar Airport.

The most popular tourist destination is the old city of Cienfuegos, which can be reached by car from the airport.

There were also a number more recent developments in the area of tourism and tourism services, but for now, the city is mostly the site of the airport’s main terminal.


La Plata airport in Cienferas, a small village on the Caribbean island of St. Martin.

The capital of Cuba is in Ciego de la Plata, about 30 miles south of Havana.

It sits in the heart of the Cienfrei Valley, which runs from the island’s south to the Atlantic Ocean.

The town of La Plaeta has been the main tourist destination in Cíceres since the 1970s, and it is home also to the Ciezca International Airport.

La Planta has an airport which is about 1.8 miles long, and the main terminal is the one in the village of La Plantas.

There have also been recent developments on the ground, including a new airport, which opened in the town of Cieguila in 2017.


La Boca airport in St. Lucia, about a two-hour drive from the capital of St Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

La Baraña Airport in St Vincent is the main international airport in the Caribbean, and serves the capital and a few other Caribbean countries, including Barbados, Trinidad, Jamaica, the British Virgin Islands, and Dominica.

The terminal is located at the center of La Barasas village, which was established in 1871.

La Barbasas is a very popular and busy tourist destination for the island, with hotels, restaurants, and other attractions.

The only drawback to La Barraña is that it is located just a short flight from Havana, making it more difficult to get to.

La La Bonaña, the island capital, is also the international airport for the Caribbean islands.

It serves St. Barthélemy, St Martin, and St Vincent and The Grenadins, as well as St. Thomas, St Eustatius, and Saint Martin.


Havana Airport in Havana.

The world’s largest airport, Havana is Cuba’s capital and one of the largest commercial and cultural centers in the world.

It has been operated by the Cuban government since 1979.

Cuba Airlines operates the airport in both international and domestic service, and has the capability to provide flights to more than 50 countries, from more than 70 international airports, with destinations in 50 countries.

The primary international airport is La Mancha, which serves the Caribbean region from its terminals at Havana and Cienfal.

The Cuban government has also extended its service from La Manca to the city of Mariel, where the airport is located.

This airport is not operated by Cub