With a new UK travel ban on travel for refugees, some businesses are bracing for a shortage of staff.

Maryam Travel Agency in London has had to lay off almost half its staff and a third of its staff is already on disability benefits, and many of the other workers are also on disability.

“We had to cut our budget because of the visa ban.

We had to put people out of work,” said one of the company’s directors, Adil Khan.

The UK has seen a number of cases of refugees using the UK as a transit point for money and other goods to leave the country and find new life in the UK.

This has also created the possibility of a shortage in the supply chain, according to a report by the Centre for Migration Studies.

While many countries in Europe have made significant efforts to manage the flow of people and goods across borders, the UK is currently on track to lose as much as 100,000 people from its borders by the end of this year, according the Migration Policy Institute.

“Our biggest concern is the shortage of skilled staff, particularly in our logistics sector,” said Adil.

“The shortage of people in our industry is also a concern because of how hard it is to get people into and out of the country.

We have a very limited number of staff.”

Maryam Travel has been working hard to get itself on track.

The company has been looking to hire more people for a number years now, but it was only recently that the government stepped in to provide funding to start hiring staff.

“A lot of people are now coming into our office and asking for help,” said Mr Khan.

“People are asking if we can hire a few more people, but we are just not able to do it.

So, we are really struggling to get a job going.”

He said he hoped that the new UK visa ban would ease some of the difficulties.

“It will certainly help, and we are working hard, but I am hopeful that the UK government will step in to help with this,” he said.

“The fact that they have stepped in now, hopefully, will bring us some of that relief.”

The government has announced it will extend the UK temporary protection visas (TPSV) for some refugees and migrants until April 2019, but the UK will also begin the process of reopening the borders to those who need to enter or leave the UK legally.