Amity Travel Agency’s brand was on the rise when the brand launched its first trip to the city in 2009.

The Chicago-based travel agency had been struggling for years with its relationship with local retailers, especially discount stores like Kohl’s and Gap.

It had to go on the offensive in 2013 with a $25 million renovation of the company’s former headquarters, the former Amity Park mall, in the heart of the city.

The company opened a brand-new headquarters in 2016 in a space in the Merchandise Mart that has been transformed into a boutique shopping center.

It was also home to a second, much larger, Amity park, which is now home to the Amity brand.

Amity is now the fourth-largest travel agency in the United States, according to The Wall St. Journal.

It opened up new offices in Austin, Texas, and Orlando, Florida, and last year expanded to Atlanta, Texas.

It recently launched a new, more upscale brand, AmiAmity, in Chicago.

It will open its new store in the area in May.

Here are five reasons why the Amitys brand is still so popular.


It’s a fun trip: The new Amity department store is packed with furniture, designer clothes, and furniture accessories, and the brand has created a special section in the new store to house a special collection of products from its designers.

It has also added a lounge, bar, and fitness center that will open next spring.


It helps local businesses thrive: The Amity store is a showcase for local business owners, which are often overlooked by major travel companies.

Ami Amity has a long history of providing a venue for local businesses to advertise and sell products to customers, and it has partnered with many local brands to help them thrive.

Amish Country is a locally owned and operated nonprofit that provides education to young people.

The Ami Brand has helped build up several local businesses and has helped them gain a reputation for offering a positive brand experience.


It can make you feel like you’re on a vacation: Traveling in the Midwest can be a trip for a trip’s sake.

It doesn’t take long to find some of the most unique shopping experiences in the country.

Amiti has become a staple of local shopping, which makes it all the more important to go to places where you can feel like the locals are having a good time.

The brand also provides discounts on local and regional travel and lodging.


It brings more people to the brand: Travelers can travel to Chicago to shop for items they can get at the Ami brand, which also sells a wide variety of accessories and furniture.

The new store will help the brand bring in more people.


It gives people a chance to do what they love: Travel in Chicago has long been a place where people have always had a lot of fun.

Amita’s new location will allow people to spend more time with their family and friends, while also offering a place for people to have fun and socialize.

The retailer has already created a Facebook page and is expanding its social media presence. 5-20-16